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Copy writing

***Children Entrepreneur Courses ***

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E-MAIL: [email protected]  , SKYPE: Ankeanusic1, THAILAND +66946036775,Facebook: Angel Dragons Ltd, LinkedIn: Angel Dragons Ltd


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Angel Dragons Ltd is atop notch real estate company run by a transparent,honest and dedicated management.They're moguls that specializes in:

Wealth and Asset management,

Off market property deals

Trading of the most wanted properties loved by investors and developers

Sales of international properties

concierge service

they also dealing rare pink diamonds, Gold, Art collections of Royal Families.

They also help clients in sourcing for funding and loans. Angel Dragons Ltd is a one stop shop for these high and luxury fields. Patronize them today and see excellence they bring to bear in their work. T therefore highly recommend them to the eagle eyed entrepreneur,investor or agency. Linkeldn Profile

Prince Udih Chukwuemeka

President, Prince Udih Global Ministry Jos,August 28,2018,Prince Udih managed Angel Dragons Ltd directly

Angel Dragons Ltd is a real estate company that buys,sells,remodels all kinds of houses and hotels across the globe. They are exceptional in managing these hotels,condos and houses for their clients at tourist hot spots the world over. Anywhere you want to go for vacation or you want to invest into real estates anywhere in the world but haven't got the time to run it, just give them a call or Whatsapp them . They will buy, maintain and run the business on your behalf. I highly recommend them to interested members. Linkeldn Profile

Prince Udih, Global Ministry


I am from Cameron andtaughtfor 20000 THBfor5years. When I metAngel , she advertised for me in Phuket and the result was that i was hired at a secondary school for 35000 THB. Now i earn 15000 thb more per months which is 180000THB more per year. Thank You so much. She also offered me accommodation and food as i was in a new area and had nothing to start with.

Oscar, Cameron , December 2018

TEFL Teacher in Phuket

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